StatBroadcast Web

StatBroadcast Web is a new breed of live stats or game tracker for college athletics. It's interface is simple, it updates lightning-fast, its easy for universities to setup and easy for fans to use. On top of all that, because it has the capability of integrating endless sponsorship opportunties, it unlocks the potential for universities to stop paying fees to have their stats broadcasted across the net and instead start making money.

StatBroadcast Web incorporates some exclusive features only found in this system, including never-before-available statistical detail, the ability to cross platforms and technologies-- incorporating directly with team websites, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, streaming video applications, and mobile internet devices-- and special features like LiveNotes, live updating notes as the game progresses.

Features of StatBroadcast Web

  • Loads quickly without slowing down the computer -- uses native web browser technologies, not Adobe Flash
  • Pop up events directly from your school's website schedule page or use a landing page
  • Uses available screen to display stats in a highly readable and accessible format -- does not waste space on animated simulation of game events
  • Direct feed from the school's official scorer laptop with near real-time updates -- automatically checks for stat update every few seconds
  • Unprecedented level of statistical detail -- every stat captured by the Stat Crew system plus exclusive calculated stats, including OBP/WHIP for baseball and Oliver/Hollinger Four Factors measurements for basketball.
  • Support for season stat totals
  • Utlilizes StatBroadcast's exclusive LiveNotes feature -- author notes as the game progresses and send live updates
  • Fully skinnable and customizable for your university and even special events

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